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They make salsa like my abuelita used to make. Just the right amount of spice and flavor in every type, although I think the La Imposible is the winner (I could eat this endlessly). Get some and don't hesitate. Seriously incredible.




I cannot say enough good things about this salsa or about this business! I never thought I’d be picky about my salsa until I tried Salsas Don Sebastian. Suddenly, I don’t think I’ll be buying anything else! I was lucky enough to be able to sample their medium salsa, and if you’re like me (someone who likes a little kick but nothing that’s going to make your mouth burn), I would highly recommend. It’s like bringing your favorite high-end Mexican restaurant salsa into your home. I will definitely be gifting some salsa to my food-loving family members this year. What a treat!


—Abigail H.

Do not buy this salsa, if you do, you will never want anything else. Their salsa is by far the best I have ever purchased, and nothing else even comes close. Can not recommend enough!


—Kevin F.

I try salsas all the time to find a fresh flavorful salsa that reminds you of your favorite Mexican restaurant. Most of those times they disappoint and I end up using that salsa to flavor the hamburger for tacos. That all changed when I tried the Salsa from Salsas Don Sebastian. The mild Salsa reminds me of a great authentic Mexican restaurant with fresh tasting flavors that you cant stop eating. The Pico de gallo is a great compliment to fresh fish as a tip...go try it today you won't be disappointed with the fresh flavors!


—Charles B.

Maybe the best salsa, EVER? i mean come on- you never know which jarred salsa from the grocery store is the one you liked before. some of them are too sweet, too smokey or just taste like spicy pasta sauce. But Salsas Don Sebastian? Always good.


—Maya V.

Finally a clean, refreshing, delicious salsa with no added sugar!


—Chelsea R.

This is the best salsa you'll ever eat. My wife and I bought a jar of the original at the South of the James Farmers Market last week and couldn't stop eating it. We found out they are sold at Ellwood Thompson's and bought 3 tubs, 1 for us and 2 to give to family that we know will love it.
Do yourself a favor and buy this salsa.


—James C.

Love the salsas and jalapeno dip! I use the jalapeno dip for more than just dip. It goes great on sandwiches also! Highly recommended for anyone who wants an authentic salsa and dip experience.


—Jessica B.

Hands down best salsa! It taste fresh like it was just made in your kitchen. My husband and I love it and my kids look down their noses at all other salsas😂😂😂. We are faithfuls of ‘la original’ but mustering up the courage to try the ‘la imposible’. We’ve also had the pico de gallo which is simply amazing.


—Ethnic N.

In a word...WOW!!!! Don Sebastian Salsas are crazy good. I love that it is local so you know its fresh. I love salsa but Don Sebastian takes it to a whole new level ...whatever their secret formula is they got it just right. This salsa will be stocked in my fridge for years to come...its the best!


—Andrew N.

My husband and I love salsa, but have never found one that tastes just right. We came across Don Sebastian a little over a month ago and AH-MAZING!!! It is now a must have in our home. Best salsa ever. Fresh, flavorful, authentic.. just delicious. Local + delicious = WIN! If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out. GO GET SOME!!!


—Carolyn R.

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