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To create experiences that have an emotional connection to authentic Mexican foods by providing the freshest salsas, dips and other products.



To create a increasingly profitable company offering a diverse number of fresh Mexican and Latin American products — while providing fair and equitable employment opportunities.



Family, Freshness, Local, Authentic, NO preservatives, NO added sugar... ever.


Y'all, I'm from Texas and as such salsa is a very serious matter in our house. This is among the best I've ever had anywhere and hands down the best I've ever had in Virginia. I'm sad the container is empty - that's how good it was. It you haven't discovered this local gem, definitely check it out!



I started Salsas Don Sebastian in 2016, while I was working as a Spanish teacher in our local school system. I constantly overheard my family and friends wish that there were better salsa options available on the market. As a result of this, my husband would make his own salsa from a recipe that originated with his grandmother in the 1920’s — because, as he says, “Making it yourself is the only way to get fresh-tasting salsa.”


As others around us began tasting this salsa recipe, they encouraged us to offer it for sale. Since my husband couldn’t quit his job, it was me that dove into the entrepreneurial world and started producing and selling this salsa. I started with a very local test market... my neighborhood. I provided free product in exchange for honest opinions — all of which were overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. This motivated me to take the next step, which was launching my business by selling the products to local farmers markets and grocery stores.

As a Venezuelan making Mexican salsas, I felt a little intimidated at first, but that feeling passed very quickly. Since the beginning, I have been committed to seeing how far I could take the idea and the recipe, which has resulted in multiple flavors and heat levels. The Salsas Don Sebastian line is ever-expanding which has resulted in organic and consistent growth every year.

—America DeLoach

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