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Get 4 tamales (same flavor) and one 32 ounce container of either pinto beans or black beans. Perfect meal!

Tamales and Beans

Price Options
Sunday breakfast!
We'll add and extra salsa!
$26.00every month until canceled
  • Beans are frozen.

    Defrost,  cut the top of the sealed bag and pour beans in a medium/small pot. Stir and heat until boil. Serve hot.

    Tamales are frozen.

    Defrost. Cut a corner of the sealed bag and add 1/8 of cup of water into the bag. Place the bag in the microwave and heat for 4 - 5 min or until hot. Tamales are already cooked, all you are doing is steaming the Tamales inside the bag. 

    You could also take them out of the bag and place them in a grill, or skillet until hot. 

    Remove the husk and serve hot.

    It can be eating with beans on top, or eggs, or pico de gallo, or with cheese or by itself.



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