Let's eliminate the trouble of deciding what to have for dinner!!

Your Chorizo Tacos Kit contains:

  • 2lbs Chorizo (frozen)
  • 30 Corn Tortillas (instead of using just one, why not use two?)
  • 16oz Medium Salsa
  • Cilantro
  • Onions
  • 1 pound of cheese, shredded

Includes a single bag of Totopos (chips) absolutely free.


**Utilizing our Mexican spices, chorizo is cooked and seasoned to perfection. It is packaged in a sealed bag that can be heated in the microwave, submerged in hot water, or left to defrost over night. For that distinctive flavor, we use fresh ingredients to prepare all of our meat***

Want more still?

Make sure to stock up on tamales, salsa, and dips!

Chorizo Taco Kit